Memorization of Quran

In the Muslim people, the Hafiz who have taken the time and exertion to retain the Quran are the absolute most regarded pioneers and scholarly people. The individuals who have finished this extraordinary assignment are called upon for their recommendation, translations and direction.Remembering the Quran involves a physical, mental and otherworldly adventure that will manufacture a superior connection between an individual and Allah, just as between an individual and their locale.

here is no age or training level fundamental for a Quran remembrance program. Or maybe, it ought to be embraced by the individuals who need to extend their confidence and receive the rewards in this world and the following.Our online Quran retention course centers around finishing the remembrance of the Book of Allah in the most brief time with high exactness and accuracy with educators who convey at least one Ijazaah.

How to memorize Quran online?

New Memorization lesson

The lesson you memorize and read daily to your teacher.

Recent lesson memorized

Lesson memorized in the past few days.

Old portion memorized of Quran

The lesson of the previous whole month.

The students are also trained with Tajweed rules. Quran is the Word of ALLAH so when the meaning changes due to pronunciation mistakes. Sometimes we get sin for that because as we strive for matters of this life. The same we should strive to Memorize Quran online with Tajweed rules.

Therefore, we are offering this course. The students who have memorized Quran or they are not interested in this course should apply for Learn Tafseer online course. Kids should also apply for specific part memorization of Quran or tafseer of specific surahs.

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