Learn Tafsir online by learning the meanings of the words of the Holy Quran. This Course will allow you to understand the meanings and commands of Allah S.W.T. This is not to develop scholarly views and will not lead you to be a scholar. This course will be helping in developing general understanding of Ahkam, Commands of Allah Tala’l.Tafsir of the Qur’an is the most important science of Quran. All matters concerning the Islamic way of life are connected to it in one sense or another since the right application of Islam is based on proper understanding of the guidance from Allah. Without Tafsir there would be no right understanding of various passages of the Qur’an.The Tafsir is the language of scholars, its aim to get knowledge and understanding concerning the book of Allah and explain the meanings.Tafsir explains the outer meanings of the Quran and Tawil is considered the inner and concealed meanings of the Quran. Others opinion that there is no difference between the tafsir and the tawil.

Why learn Tafseer online and Translation of Quran from a scholar?

One can learn Tafseer online or translation of Quran, available in different languages him also. The problem is that some part of the Quran but that needs related Hadiths, explanations of scholars in the light of the teaching of the Prophet SAW taught by an authentic qualified teacher to understand the full commands of ALLAH better. Learn Tafseer online & Translation of Quran course is designed for those students who know how to read but desire to know the hidden meanings and message of ALLAH in the revelation. If you don’t know how to read then you should take learn Quran Reading with Tajweed or Memorize Quran Online course first. Self-readers can  ebooks related to Sahih Hadith and Tafseer of Quran.

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